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CSGOBlocks bring us completly new game to play. You are in role of investor that is purchasing blocks with a specific multipler at. The blocks follow the road and when they reach the end they reveal if they were winning blocks or not. You can start up with betting at 1.25x multipler or choose the biggest possible one with is 7x. Chance for the block to be the winning one is displayed before you make your bet. CSGOBlocks becomming very popular and in last tree months gained about 700,000 new site visitors. Dont get too confused also about CSGOBlocks promo code, they are calling it actually CSGOBlock special code.

How much CSGOBlocks offer for free ? : 5000 credits

CSGOBlocks Special Code : CZEFREE

CSGOBlocks games :

Invest into blocks with specific multipler.

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CSGOBlocks Special Code
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