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CSGOWheel is next casino that divides community into 2 separates sites. We dont like to see divided community but at least CSGO Wheel have original concept of the popular game Crash. This new concept attract around 300,000 site visitors every month. Instead of just watching chart curve to reach the highest multipler we getting throwed right into the war zone and our duty is to reach next side of the mine field. From our observing we can confirm that the solider will never make it to the other side in one piece. When solider walk multipler keep rising until he step on mine and explode – thats where the game ends. You can also try out other games : Roulette and Lucky Wheel.

How much CSGOWheel offer for free ? : 100 credits

CsgoWheel Promo Code : CZEFREE

CSGOWheel games :

Crash, Roulette, Lucky Wheel.

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CSGOWheel Promo Code
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