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Kuycase, such a wierd name for a csgo case opening site. Kuycase is new small website that to this date offering 34 unique cases to open. What makes Kuycase so popular is their “pizza” wheel. You can spin the wheel once for 24 hours and claim a huge discout for any case available on Kuycase website. This means you can get up to 50% discount even on a $100 case ! Sadly Kuycase doesent offers you to make your own case and open it or pass it to your friends so you have to fully rely on Kuycase staff. Kuycase is visited by around 400,000 players monthly. Kuycase promo code can be found under the picture.

How much Kuycase offer for free ? : $0.35

Kuycase Promo Code : CZEFREE

Kuycase games :

Case Opening.

Our rating :

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Kuycase Promo Code
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