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We want to introduce you a slightly older case opening site called Lucky Cases. This site is just another causual case opening site that brings nothing the to the club. Only adventage of Lucky Cases is their huge amout of cases you are about to open and when i mean huge I want to say that there is around 100 different cases to open. Most intresting at Lucky Cases are the “Specialized Weapon ” cases that offer a skin to every single weapon avaiable ingame. Site also have the classic “Gaben” cases with means you can get the same items like you could get in the case ingame. Lucky Cases also didnt forget about the collections so you can find the “Collection” themed cases in their shop. If you are only intrested in csgo knifes you can get one for $75 in knife guaranteed case called “Meele” case o the new knifes in a $150 case called “New Knifes”. As you can see Lucky Cases arent even creative in cases names and thats the feeling we are getting out of it. Solid platform but a lack of innovatons. According to their site statistics there is only about 230,000 peoples visiting this site each month mostly from Turkey, France and Germany. Are you intrested about Lucky Cases promo code? Feel free to find Lucky Cases promo code under our short review.

How much Lucky Cases offer for free ? : $0.30

Lucky Cases Promo Code: 47142

Lucky Cases games :

Case opening.

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Lucky Cases Promo Code
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