Wanna play some entertaining games on a growing csgo casino called CSGOBOSS? This site started to be functional at January of 2017 and bring us 3 new games to play. The first game that is csgoboss well know for is called “Tower”. The purpose of the tower game is to climb up at the very top and reach the biggest multipler you can ever get. Next game you can enjoy at csgoboss is the enchanted roulette wheel called “Colors” where you can bet at 4 different colors and each of them has a different multipler ( 2x,3x,5x,50x ). Last and a final game that you can enjoy at CSGOBOSS is classic jackpot where you just put your items in a great hope of a stealing the other player items. There are 2 versions of jackpot you can enjoy at CSGOBOSS and it’s the classic one and a small jackpot with limited total item value cap. CSGOBOSS have nice and kind desing that will be liked by many players. The site is visited by nearly 350,000 of players each month and has a up-growing trend. With raising player base you can see more interesting bets and a larger variety of items in the shop. Are you interested in CSGOBOSS promo code? You can find CSGOBOSS promo code under our site review.

How much CSGOBOSS offer for free ? : 0.25

CSGOBOSS Promo Code : sugar

CSGOBOSS games :

Tower, Roulette, Jackpot.

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