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I’ll be honest with you guys – I HATE this site I feel like it’s the worst example of a Crash game that was ever created. CSGOC4 is new gambling site where you aren’t doing anything else than watching the ticking bomb and its multipler. The concept of this game is pretty fun but ill try to explain to you why I hate it. CSGOC4 is not like others Crash sites that use slow multipler to give their users a chance to react. This site is using that I personally call TURBO multipler where you get from 1.00 to 1.30 in less than half of the second. That’s totally insane especially for peoples that are trying to go for low risk – low reward multiplers. I don’t feel like grandpa myself but at CSGOC4 I had serious problems to keep up with the bomb timer. From the other point of view, this site is great. They are offering 100% bonus at your first deposit if you use our referral link or CSGOC4 promo code and you are also rewarded with $1000. Don’t get heart attack it’s just a demo money that you cannot withdraw at all – but the 100% bonus after you deposit you can! Even this site is going viral in a last days I would personally prefer to skip this one because of the turbo multipler but it’s up to you guys if you wanna risk it or not. CSGOC4 promo code and affiliate link can be found under this review. Have a fun!

How much CSGOC4 offer for free ? : $1000 and 100% deposit bonus

CSGOC4 Promo Code : 999777

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CSGOC4 Promo Code
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