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Wanna get 30 free coins on newly established CSGO casino called Drakeroll? Sure, you can have them! Drakeroll doesn’t use classic promo code but uses special affiliate link that you can find under our review. Immidetly after logging in you will be granted with 30 coins to spent at Drakeroll for free! But let’s forget about Drakeroll promo code for a while and let’s take a look at the games that this site has to offer. Drakeroll is CSGO roulette only site with means you are able to bet on red/black color and two special colors green/purple that grants you 14x of betted amount. This concept isn’t unique at all but that’s compensated by the nice look of the roulette wheel. Did we played there? Yes. Did we win something? Of course! Try your luck with Drakeroll and grab your 30 free coins with drake roll promo code ( affiliate link ). Have a fun.

How much Drakeroll offer for free ? : 30 credits

Drakeroll Promo Code : Credits are credited after first login.

Drakeroll games :


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Drakeroll Promo Code
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