CSGO Case Opening Sites

YearCasino name :FREE credits :PROMO CODE :Available Games :
2017HolyBoost$1.0024729Case opening.
2017Lucky Cases$0.30$0.30Case opening.
2017Boxes GG10 creditsCredits after first login or "Ju1ce" .Case opening.
2017WildCase$0.50WILDCASE2017Case opening.
2017GOCase$1.35Credits for first login.Case opening.
2017Case Jump$1.00CZEFREECase opening.
2017FlameCases$0.30999777Case opening.
2017CSGOKingdom$0.50999777Case opening.
2016HellCase$0.457348971Case opening.
2016FarmSkins$1.10CZEFREECase opening.
2016Case Random$0.45Credits after first login.Case opening.
2016Skin Hub$0.50CZEFREECase opening.
2016Daddy Skins5% cashbackCashBackCase opening.
2016Open CSGO$1.00Credits after first login.Case opening.
2016Drake Moon$0.454434228Case opening.
2016Kuycase$0.354434228Case opening.
2015CSGO Live0.05ju1ceCase opening.
2015CSGO Speed0.054EF5C08C4DCase opening.

Are you slowly getting tired of Gaben cases? Our list contains all available csgo case opening sites. Feel free also to grab one of the promo codes to receive bonus money.

What are the benefits of opening unofficial cases?

First and the greatest benefit of all is that you can actually open any of the cases without buying a key. Why would you spend 2.25 eur on a single key and then extra money to buy the case when you can move directly to case opening? This is a huge save of money for many peoples who want to just open the case and enjoy the loot instead of paying extra bucks to Gaben pocket.

Second and unquestionable benefit is the various case price. Do you want to spend only 0.30$ with a chance to get a knife? CSGO case opening sites can offer you this chance because you don’t have to pay extra money for the key to open the case.

The third benefit is that you can get exactly the skin you wanted. Do you need only to get awp skin? Then open one of the awp cases. Awp case will only contain awp rifles skins and nothing more so you will get satisfied right after your first case opening.

Can I get a profit with csgo case opening ?

Definitely ! I have seen many peoples starting just with $10 and getting items worth more than $100. But you have to keep in mind that case opening sites are there to make money and not to reward you with an infinite amount of valuable skins. If you got some extra value up you should stop trying your luck and take your skins to your steam inventory. Trying your luck all over again will only cause in lose of your money.

Dont fall for the streamers bait!

Almost every streamer who is opening csgo cases on Youtube or Twitch got the money directly from the casino. Those peoples receive the best skins all over again and their balance literally explode. Dont fall for those bait because the win rate for streamer accounts is greater than for casual user accounts. Instead of 5% chance to get the best item, they have 50% chance to get it.

Casino is doing this on purpose to bait as many peoples as possible and streamers to make some extra cash in pocket. Always use your common sense. If you see somebody to win 6 Dragon Lore in row that has 0.1% chance to drop then it’s clear that his rates have been boosted up just to promote the casino. Also most of the streamers cant withdraw items they won because it would ruin the case opening sites if they had to pay 6 dragon lores to every streamer. Be aware of this shady activity before you deposit your money in the casino.

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