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CSGO Trade Bot

 Have you heard of the new way how to swap your skins for a better one? Try out the csgo trade bot that will do all the job for you! I mean, almost all the job. All you have to do is put your skins into csgo trade bot and select the items you want to get back. What is so unique about this way of trading skins? You don’t have to deal with weird peoples trying to lowball you on steam because you always communicate only with trade bot. Also, you easily avoid any chance of being scammed since the items will be exchanged to you directly. Steam is very benevolent and friendly to trade bots so you don’t have to be afraid of any future problems with traded items. There are many trade bots around using various ways to price their items. First and most popular one is direct API to Steam Analyst or from the Steam Community Market. Usually, this works pretty well but there is a lot of peoples trying to abuse this system by buying items at the higher price than is a usual market price to raise up the average.

CSGO Trading Bot Sites :

We bring you the most updated list of csgo trading bot sites. We did a test trade on every single site that is listed there to determine if the bot is working properly or not. You are able to choose from more than 10 csgo trading bot sites. Also if you are a trading bot site administrator you can contact us on email to share your site with us. Happy trading.

Trade Bot :

How to trade with CSGO Bot ?

  1. First of all you will need to choose one of the bots from our csgo trading bot sites list.
  2. After loggin in, select the items from your inventory you want to trade with bot.
  3. The total amout of your deposited items is displayed in the corner of the site.
  4. Select the items from the bot you want to receive.
  5. After you press the TRADE button csgo trade bot should send you trade offer directly to your steam account.
  6. Verify your order, be sure you are getting the items you selected at the bot. This step will avoid all scam attempts.
  7. If the bot is asking you to send the items first instead of exchange them for your selected items ALWAYS deny the trade offer. It’s a scam.
  8. After accepting the trade offer your items will be placed in your inventory.

Quick tip : Some of the trading bot sites use a special code you have to put your nickname in order to get better exchange value. Always do that to get more out of your trades!

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