CSGO Upgrade Sites

YearCasino name :FREE credits :PROMO CODE :Available Games :
2017Upgrade.gg8% increased chanceCZEFREEUpgrade your skin.
2017CSGOCrafter8% increased chanceCZEFREEUpgrade your skin.
2017CSGOUpgrader.com1% increased chanceUPGRADEITUpgrade your skin.
2017CSGOUpgrader.gg2% increased chanceUPGRADE2017Upgrade your skin.
2017SkinUpgrader-UPGRADE2017Upgrade your skin.
2017CSGOUpgrades--Upgrade your skin.
2017CSGOGem3% increased chance-Upgrade your skin.

The completely new way how to gamble with your skins is called csgo upgrade. How does the system work? Based on your chosen multipler you will get a percentage chance of a success upgrade of your csgo skin. We bring you the most actual list of csgo upgrade sites. All of the upgrade sites was personally tested by one of our staff. Are you ready to get a better skin?

How do I upgrade my CSGO skin?

  1. Deposit skins you want to upgrade and put your desired skin in upgrade window.
  2. Put the site name in your nickname! This will instantly increase your chances by 8-10% depends on the site ! For example ” Nick123 Upgrade.gg “
  3. Choose a percentage multipler. The higher is the multipler number the lower is the chance for you to upgrade your skin successfully.
  4. Hit the Upgrade Skin button. After it you gonna see if you succeed or not.
  5. If you succeed you can withdraw your skin immediately.
  6. If you failed it means your skin is permanently destroyed and cannot be retrieved by any chance.

Can I make profit by skin upgrade?

Keep in mind that you are always playing against a casino that primary focus to make money out of their users. All depends on your actual luck and if you are already an experienced player you can gain an advantage out of it by pre-burning skins that you don’t want to upgrade and then putting in valuable skins you really want to get upgraded. It’s easy to make a profit by random but it’s hard to profit continuously. Casino odds are always against you to fail on a long run so the best way how to play this game is to do quick runs or change sites frequently.

Are all of those CSGO upgrade sites safe to use?

We are not owners of any of csgo upgrade sites listed in there but we personally tested them. It means that in the time that site was listed on our list was fully operating. We are updating our list daily and always reflecting actual situation of the casino. If the site was closed or stopped to pay users their profits we will delist it immediately. If you have suspicion any of the listed sites are acting unfairly you can email us directly.

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