Hellcase Wallet Code

How to apply Hellcase Wallet Code :

Are you new into CS:GO case opening? Even as a newbie im sure you already heard about the famous site Hellcase. Did you know you can get money on your account without any previous deposit needed? It’s easy, all you have to do is enter this Hellcase wallet code : 7348971 and paste it into a right field. If you still don’t know where to put the Hellcase wallet code lets follow the images!

At top of the site you have to click on green + button :

Hellcase Wallet Code : 7348971

After applying this Hellcase code you are about to receive your first money you can start to play with freely. Our Hellcase wallet code is very effective and will add you credits on account without any delays.

Is Hellcase legit? Should I trust them?

Yes, Hellcase has been the first site ever that comes with the case opening services and has been working for more than 2 years. Just think about it, if Hellcase was scam how they could keep selling millions of cases every month? Did you even know Hellcase is visited by nearly 15 million of players each month? Also if was Hellcase scam then how it could be promoted by so many Youtubers. So dont worry, Hellcase is legit and working properly.

Hellcase hack, cheats and others malicious activity

Never get baited on those sites that are selling Hellcase hacks or cheats. I can assure you that the only thing that you will get is banned from Hellcase for using malicious methods to obtain skins. In worst case you already paid for Hellcase hack and now you are wondering why it isnt working. Its obvious – the Hellcase hack was never working and you got scammed by somebody who promoted it as a working method.

Never trust anybody who is offering you such a services for money or for exchange for one of your valuable skins. Its the worst you can do and you will be punished hard.

Is there a way of getting free Hellcase case?

Yes, if you use our Hellcase wallet code and deposit $5 you are able to do a Hellcase daily spin for bonus random bonus that can contain money from 0.01 to 1$ or a extremly rare and valuable item such a knife or a AWP Asiimov. In 99,99% cases you will get only money from free Hellcas case. 


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